My Backup Features with RootSafe

General Backup Advice and Additional Backup Plan Features

By default, our plans follow this recommendation and backup your entire computer. Tell us if you want to only backup certain folders such as: Desktop, Documents, Music, Pictures, and Videos.

Recommendation: backup your entire computer. 

The backup schedule for each plan runs a backup for every available data source daily. This means your computer is backed up every day. When a scheduled backup is missed the backup will automatically run when your computer is next on and connected to the internet.

All Gold and Silver plans are monitored by trained RootSafe specialists. Enjoy peace of mind knowing we have you covered.

You’re protecting a lot of data, in fact, All of your data. Everything will need to be backed up on this initial backup so expect it to take longer. Subsequent backups will be faster and the time needed will vary depending on the amount of data, internet connection and computer performance.

Do you have some devices that you know “shouldn’t” have any data on them but probably do? We recommend backing up all your devices. The Bronze makes non-mission-critical backups simple and affordable.

Secure all of your data, be it on your mobile computer or your desktop computer. Each plan can backup a desktop or a laptop which allows us to help protect all of your data, on the go, and at the office.

Get additional storage for any backup plans in 100 GB increments. When you go over your data allocation, your subscription is automatically upgraded and the storage allotment increased. 100 GB of additional storage costs just $10 for the Bronze, Silver and Gold plans.

Want to backup your files to an existing external hard drive or NAS as well as the cloud?  Gold and Silver both meet that need.

The South Dakota vWayfair has changed virtually everything regarding sales tax for businesses. As a result, we verify the proper tax is being charged on Every order that goes through. If there are any overcharges, we credit your account. If there are any taxes missed, we’ll fix it on the next billing cycle.
Note: prices listed may not include applicable taxes and any tax. Any amount collected in error will be credited to your subscription account.