How much do I back up?

A quick note: The amount of cloud backup space you actually use will be dependent upon backup settings, retention, and compression.

We utilize compression to allow you to save more data using less space. 

How much do You have to Protect?

Are you trying to find out how much data you actually have on your computer? There’s an easy way to check.

Navigate to “My Computer,” “Computer,” or “This PC” depending on your version of Windows.

Typical computers only have one hard drive and that drive is labeled ‘C’.


251 GB of space is used in this example. When backing up the whole computer there would be 251 GB to backup.

Here are some averages to give an idea of what you can store on which size drive.

Table showing media type quantity and quantity of data.

* Average file size using camera’s highest resolution JPEG mode. The actual number of images per HDD will vary and depends on the camera model and compatibility of the scene being photographed.

† 2-hour DVD-quality movies.

†† One gigabyte, or GB, equals one billion bytes when referring to hard drive capacity. Accessible capacity may vary depending on operating environment and formatting. Quantitative usage examples for various applications are for illustrative purposes. Actual quantities will vary based on various factors, including file size, file format, features, and application software.

Source: Seagate