Monitored Server Backup

     Make sure your server is actually backing up with monitored server backups. Protect your servers like the key operational asset they are. The data stored on them is often invaluable and irreplaceable. The value of the server configuration itself should not be overlooked when choosing a backup plan. Can you imagine having to completely rebuild your server?

Domain Controllers

     When your primary domain controller or PDC goes down, would you be forced to rebuild your domain? How much time would you spend rebuilding your PDC, your entire domain, from scratch? Are you wasting hours or weeks getting everything back in place the way it was? Are you enforcing compliance with your domain controller; would your organization now be vulnerable to malicious threats if your group policies no longer worked? Rebuilding a domain controller can take a lot of time, time that you do not have.

     You have a secondary domain controller; that’s great. You are now down to a single server that is handling key business functions. What do you do when that server fails?

Virtual Machines and Virtual Machine Hosts

     Save your time and your business by backing up your entire server. With RootSafe’s Gold backup plan, you are able to protect your files, server configuration and all virtual machines powered by MS Hyper-V. Protect all of your Hyper-V virtual machines. Protect your virtual host. You can feel safe with RootSafe.

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