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Okay, I want backup that works. How do I get started?​

1. Sign up for RootSafe Cloud – sign up for the solution that best fits your needs.

2. Install RootSafe RMM – Once you sign up, look for an email from our Support team with your unique installer link.

3. Let our RootSafe Technicians install and start your backup – Once you have installed RootSafe RMM your computer will show as “online” in our system. We are then able to install and configure your cloud backup.

4. Never worry about backing up again – Enjoy what you love: Genealogy, photography, running your business.

A few more details about getting started with RootSafe Cloud

Once you sign up all you have to do is open your email then download and install our remote monitoring software. RootSafe technicians will then install and configure the backup software to meet your needs. Our specialists help with the setup to make sure your data is preserved.

With easy setup and dedicated monitoring, you no longer have to worry about your backups. Our specialists are here to make sure your data is always protected.

Make worry a thing of the past with monitored backups. Your backups are actively monitored by RootSafe technicians who make sure your files are being saved. In the event of an error, an investigation is launched using a secure Remote Monitoring and Management tool. Trained technicians resolve the issue and verify your files are once again protected. If there is ever an issue that can’t be resolved remotely by our technicians, we will contact and guide you through any steps necessary to get your backups back on track.