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Your Genealogy. Pictures. Videos. Documents. Your history. Your work. 

Are you at risk of losing your digital life?

Backing up to the cloud is easier than ever. With automatic backups and RootSafe backup technicians you know you’re data is safe. We manage the technical side of things so you can do what you love.

Your files are secure with RootSafe monitored backups. Secure, encrypted, redundant backups. Backups that actually work. Start today!

Protecting your data is our first priority. 

We are dedicated to saving your data. RootSafe was founded to fill your individual need for a reliable backup solution.

“No Data Lost” can be your motto too.

 We tailored technology available to businesses for the individual allowing us to offer unprecedented backup, monitoring, and service.

Now you can benefit from technicians actively monitoring your secure cloud backups.