Testimonials – RootSafe Cloud Backup

"I heard so many times that I should back up my data. But it was more fun to research my family history, scan photos, interview friends and family rather than take the time to learn how to back up and then actually back up my files. Eventually, my computer started to struggle -- so much that I couldn’t do any of the genealogy related activities that I loved. I reached out for help. When the technician turned on the computer, it made a funny sound, and smoke signaled the death of my computer. I was heartbroken! I had so much work to recreate. Fortunately, now I don’t have to worry about when, what, or how to back up my files because RootSafe does that for me! I love knowing that my work is safe and if something happens to my computer it’s still safe!"
Family History Researcher

“Backing up was always a task I knew I needed to do. It ranked worse than cleaning the kitchen but not as bad as cleaning up vomit. On the other hand, I didn’t ever want to lose any of my grandmother’s recipes, my fathers stories or my genealogical research — Things that would be hard to impossible to duplicate or recreate. I don’t have to worry about this anymore with RootSafe.” 
– A Working Mother

“I was the one in the family everyone seemed to give all their “Family Stuff” to for safe keeping, or to tidy up their own houses. A service like RootSafe would make my life easier!” 
– The “Keeper of the Family Stuff”