RootSafe Partner Program

The RootSafe Champion program is here to reward YOU!

How it works:

When you join the ranks of the RootSafe Champions you are given exclusive opportunities to earn credit on your RootSafe account. You can earn credit by referring people, completing surveys and other exclusive opportunities.

How you earn:

Referrals – Earn $20 for your first referral! Come see just how easy and rewarding being a Champion can be. Earn $10 for each subsequent referral.

Surveys – Reward yourself with $5 to $10 for each survey you complete

Other Opportunities – These rewards vary by the action and details will be sent with each unique opportunity

Start earning now!

Step 1 – Apply to become a Champion

Step 2 – Watch for an email from [email protected]

You can expect the email from [email protected] within five business days of applying.

Step 3 – Start earning!

Start earning credit for each referral, survey, and other exclusive Champion opportunities you complete!

By applying you agree to the RootSafe Referral Agreement.