The Old Way of Backing Up Your Data

The Old Way​


  1. Research backup software, devices and methodologies
  2. Purchase backup software or service
  3. Set up and run the initial backup – sift through all your files and decide what you will and what you won’t backup – pssst, hope you don’t miss anything
  4. Troubleshoot any errors and issues you run into with your backup
  5. Set reminders for yourself to review your files (repeat steps 3 and 4) and create backups of new and changed data
  6. Regularly, and without fail, perform the backups 
  1. Forget to backup before a critical event, like your hard drive dying or your laptop being stolen.
  2. Experience the sinking dread that comes when you realize your data is no more.
  3. Lose weeks (or years) of work
Old backup media. 3.5" floppy disc, Compact Disk, CF card, USB 9in1 card reader, USB flash drives, desktop hard drive, notebook