Data Protection that works for Genealogy, Business … and You.

Our specialists ensure that 100% of your Genealogy, Photography, and Business files are backed up to the cloud. Learn how RootSafe protects family history and business data from threat of Ransomware, natural disasters and computer failure. RootSafe delivers Cloud Backup that works for Genealogy, Photography, Business, and You. 

Personal and Genealogy Backup

Get automatic cloud backup for all your PC files and data, configured by specialists, so you never lose documents, genealogy, photos, projects, etc.

Business Backup and Recovery

Protect your business servers, desktops, and laptops from common forms of data loss, including ransomware, natural disasters and computer failure.

Cloud Backups Working for you

Cloud backup allowing you to protect your personal and business data with award winning technology – configured and maintained by Backup Specialists.

Managed backup and Patch management. Powered by RootSafe Specialists.