Solutions for Family History

Protect your family history and securely back up your data with confidence! You will be able to save your family the grief of losing data. School documents, family photos, oral history, baby pictures, and so much more, will be saved by your heroic actions!

Are you a researcher? Do you compile data using your personal computer? If so, save your hard work. Rescue your entire workstation, be it a desktop or laptop, from disaster. Save your research notes, family trees, GEDCOM files and so much more. Do not let your hard-earned data be a victim.

Save your past. All too often, priceless, irreplaceable documents are lost because there is no backup in place. You went through all the work to scan, record, compile and organize every scrap of history you could find. Keep the past safe and secure.

Give your future a chance. Free up your time to make memories and do what you love. Free up your future with worry-free data backup.