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The Pain of Data Loss and the Joy of Saving Data

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Data. It’s everywhere, from our smartphones to our computers to our email. It is so integrated into our lives that we hardly even notice it anymore. That is, until it’s missing.

I started RootSafe to save data, specifically family history data. My mother is a professional Family History researcher. When I was young, 14 or so, I remember helping my mom to back up her computer. I typed up the instructions, hanging them up right next to the monitor, and I even helped her do the first backup. I did this so she wouldn’t lose any data, a concern she and I both shared considering the amount of time she was putting into her family history research. The hope was that the instructions and the written guide would allow her to back up regularly. Once I had this “system” in place, I didn’t worry about backing up the computer anymore. It was only when the computer died a smoke-filled death that I learned there were no backups after that initial one. Data was lost. Countless hours of research, scanning photos, and documentation gathering disappeared in smoke. The backup failed.

Now, well over a decade later, I vividly remember this experience and the pain brought on by that lost data. What failed in the system? Was it the training? Were the instructions flawed? Was the backup method or location to blame? No, the backup simply wasn’t performed. I would have noticed if I had monitored the backup. This pain what I want to help prevent.

The backup solution that we have built is one of the most robust I have ever seen. The key ingredient is the monitoring. What good is a backup if it never happens?