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RootSafe CEO - Paul

My mission, our mission, is to preserve Genealogy data and ensure it passes on to future generations. Hi, my name is Paul Sharp and I’m the CEO of RootSafe. Yes, that’s a picture of me on the right. 

I have been interested in Genealogy, thanks in large part to my mother, for the majority of my life. However, I discovered I have difficulty remembering names and reading different types of handwriting, so I decided to use my technical skills to help in the research. The inspiration to start RootSafe came to me in 2017 as I was contemplating Genealogy and remembering a story of heartache, which can be found here

When I was young, 14 or so, I remember helping my mom to back up her computer. I typed up the instructions, hanging them up right next to the monitor, and I even helped her do the first backup. I did this so she wouldn’t lose any data, a concern she and I both shared considering the amount of time she was putting into her family history research. The hope was that the instructions and the written guide would allow her to back up regularly. Once I had this “system” in place, I didn’t worry about backing up the computer anymore. It was only when the computer died a smoke-filled death that I learned there were no backups after that initial one. Data was lost. Countless hours of research, scanning photos, and documentation gathering disappeared in smoke. The backup failed. 

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The CEO of RootSafe, Inc.

“Backups that work. Backups that happen when they should and are fixed when they don’t. Managed backup – It seemed so simple.”

I spent the next two years researching, building, and testing a solution which I now call the “RootSafe Cloud”. I brought together some of the amazing technologies I found in my ten-plus years of professional IT work. (Side note: I’ve also been working with computers and servers since I was five years old and I do not classify those years before adulthood as “professional experience.”) I feel that good technology and service availability should be readily available to the Genealogy community. 

My first client was my Mom, a professional Genealogist. Her passion for Genealogy helped inspire me to start RootSafe. I still remember the sinking feeling when her research computer went up in smoke all those years ago. We had spent hours scanning and organizing pictures, working on family books, and researching family lines like “Ewing” — Which, by the way, I have always wanted to be a Star Wars star-fighter design.

With RootSafe, I offer backup solutions that I make sure work. I combined great technology with people who are conscientious about systems working properly to create a “managed backup provider.” 

Honesty, hard work, cooperation, and mutual respect are at the core of RootSafe. There have been difficult times where I lost my focus on who I really wanted to serve. However, I’ve been able to refocus on why I started RootSafe: To provide data Protection that works for Genealogy, Business … and You. “No Data Lost” is the future that I work towards.
I look forward to working with you.

– Paul Sharp – CEO at RootSafe