Fully Managed Backup

Managed Backup - What is it?

With RootSafe you get more than just “cloud backup”.  The safety and security of your data means a lot to us. You get a team of people who are dedicated to keeping your data safe.

Managed backup service: RootSafe specialists enable you to protect 100% of your data through secure, monitored cloud backup.

How we help you

In short, we make sure your backup is always working so you can do what you love.

Your backups are:


  1. Set up and configured by Backup Specialists.
  2. Constantly Monitored to ensure your data is safe.
  3. Secure in the cloud with 256 bit encryption.
  4. Supported 24/7 by our Backup Specialists.

We’re with you every step of the way.

How can I back up?

  1. Get started with RootSafe Today!
  2. Install the RootSafe RMM tool using the unique link sent directly to your email.
  3. RootSafe Specialists set up the backup and verify the initial backup.
  4. RootSafe Specialists continually monitor the success of your backups and remediate any issues that may crop up.
  5. You then enjoy peace of mind as a loyal RootSafe client.