Here are answers to some of the Frequently Asked Questions about us and how we make you a data-saving hero.

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Q: Why should I worry about Backup?

A: You have too much to lose and deserve a worry-free solution to potential data loss.

Q: Why choose RootSafe?

A: Your data matters to us. We know it is more than just data, it is a piece of your life and represents hours of time spent.

Q: What happens when a system is not backing up?

A: A quick investigation into the issue using a secure Remote Monitoring and Management, or RMM, tool is launched. Trained specialists resolve the issue and verify that the backup can once again run properly. When there is an issue that can’t be resolved by remote technicians, you are contacted and guided through any steps necessary to get your backups back on track.

Q: What is a managed backup provider?

A: Managed backup providers take care of all your backups needs. They manage the backup software and ensure it keeps working for you. Managed backup providers monitor your backups, actively fix any issues that come up and generally make sure your data really is backed up.

Q: How do I save all my data?

A: Simply sign up with our Silver or Gold plans. Select your backup plan today!

Q: How do I choose what to back up?

A: It is recommended you back up everything on your computer to ensure you do not lose any data. The default settings for each plan select every data source available.

Q: What sets RootSafe apart from other backup options?

A: Your backups are being actively monitored to ensure they are running properly. Technicians actively monitor your backups to ensure they are working properly. Technicians also actively resolve any issues with the backup and send you alerts when needed. Advanced RMM and backup technologies that are typically reserved for the business sector make it all possible.

Q: May I back up multiple computers?

A: You can back up all of the computers you would like with RootSafe. Simply install the RMM software we send you and we’ll add them to your plan!

Q: Do you offer discounts for multiple computers?

A: We do. Read about them here.

Q: When does my backup run?

A: Your backup runs every day for all data sources. If a scheduled backup is missed, the backup runs when the computer is next on and the backup service is running.

Q: How do I restore my data?

A: Contact Support and we’ll restore it for you!