Preventing Ransomware

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a specific and extremely harmful type of malware used by cybercriminals to extort money from individuals, organizations, and businesses. The infections block access to your data until you make a ransom payment, at which point you’re supposed to regain access.


In reality, nearly 40% of the victims who pay the ransom never get their data back and 73% of those that pay are targeted again later – which is why everyone must protect against ransomware.


Proven Protection Against Ransomware

Using artificial intelligence, RootSafe monitors your system in real time – examining the process stack to identify activities that exhibit behavior patterns that are typically seen in ransomware and cryptojacking attacks.

Ransomware is so prolific the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has published guidelines on Protecting Against Ransomware.

Learn more about Ransomware and how to protect yourself from the pain of data loss and system outages. 

IT Recommended Guidelines

  • Back up your computer
  • Patch your systems
  • Store your backups separately
  • Train your organization

When fighting ransomware, prevention is your first line of defense.

Because you know the value of ransomware prevention, you:

  • Update and patch your computer

  • Use caution with links and when entering website addresses

  • Open email attachments with caution

  • Use and maintain preventative software programs

  • Control administration rights to business critical data

Even with state-of-the-art ransomware prevention methods, some ransomware attacks do infiltrate. The damage these ransomware viruses can cause to businesses goes beyond data loss, which in and of itself can be devastating. Companies can experience revenue and productivity loss as well as damage to reputation.

  • 77% of organizations infected with ransomware were running up-to-date endpoint protection1
  • The average cost per ransomware attack to businesses was $133,000 in 20171
  • 54% of organizations do not have specific anti-ransomware protection in place2

1 https://news.sophos.com/en-us/2018/02/01/understanding-ransomware-and-the-impact-of-repeated-attacks/
2 https://www.sophos.com/en-us/medialibrary/Gated-Assets/white-papers/endpoint-survey-report.pdf

As a last line of defense against ransomware, companies must leverage backup and data recovery processes.

Your backups are completely unaffected should a ransomware attack occur. Following a ransomware attack, recovery is quick with our Disaster Recovery solution.