Your Genealogy research Continuity Plan

Woman and Grandma smiling at the camera.

“RootSafe started with family history in mind. We know your time spent researching your family helps you connect with your past.
Connect the future with your past with RootSafe’s continuity plan.”
– Paul, RootSafe CEO

You may feel it is too difficult or too early to plan what happens to your family history research after you. What will happen when you pass away? Does your family history research die with you, lost on a laptop, overlooked?

Have you picked out someone, like a friend or family member, who will take over the responsibility and labor of love that you started?

Designate the person you want to have access to your RootSafe Cloud account and to your research in the event of your passing. This person, or persons, would be able to access all of the files you have meticulously collected. Then, choose When they will be given access.

The family photos previously saved only on your computer, and the family tree files, including your research, will be safeguarded from loss. We make sure your history is handed over to those you choose. Your research is now literally being passed on to future generations.

Simply email [email protected] once your account has been created to set up your Continuity plan