RootSafe SLA

Scope of Services

RootSafe supports backups, patch management and other cybersecurity and other information technology products.

Additional Terms and Details

Please refer to the RootSafe Remote Access Policy, https://rootsafe.us/rootsafe-remote-access-policy/, and the RootSafe Terms of Use, https://rootsafe.us/rootsafe-terms-of-use/, and the RootSafe Privacy Policy, https://rootsafe.us/rootsafe-privacy-policy/, for further details regarding information covered or not covered by this document.

Performance Measurement

Online computers should backup daily. A ticket may be generated if an online computer has not backed up for three (3) business days. 

Computers that are offline, as reported by our RMM, may be monitored. If a computer is offline for more than five (5) business days, RootSafe may attempt to contact the client for assistance in resolving the connectivity issue. 

Regular backup reports may be sent to the client monthly, quarterly or on another set schedule as determined by RootSafe and/or the client.

Problem Management – Automated and Reported by Client

Any problems or changes must be submitted to the Support team via [email protected] or via phone: 512-651-3040. Problems may also be submitted to support via the online client portal, if client access has been granted. SLA timers only begin once the issue is reported and/or a ticket is generated.

Client Portal as of 12/31/19 – https://rootsafe.itclientportal.com/ClientPortal/Login.aspx

Issues will be assigned priority depending on the severity and scope of the issue as determined by RootSafe. Issues reported via the client or monitoring software are tracked using support ticket software.

Backup Status Unknown errors – These errors are informational alerts that are typically generated when a computer is offline during the scheduled backup time. These are monitored and generally self resolve when the computer is back online. These issues may be reviewed within 24 hours.

Backup Failures – These issues may be reviewed within two hours of coming in. 

Any other errors: Typically reviewed within 24 hours of ticket generation.

File and System Restores

RootSafe may assist client with file and system restores at no additional charge. The amount of time dedicated to each device restore per incident is five (5) hours and limited to one incident every thirty (30) days. Any additional time to resolve any file or system restore may incur additional charges. 


RootSafe may provide virtualization of machines at no additional cost for service plans that include virtualization and/or disaster recovery. This time will be measured by Compute points. Compute points is a currency used to achieve the necessary performance of the running failover server/device. How compute points are consumed:



Per hour

1 vCPU

2 GB

1 point

1 vCPU

4 GB

2 points

2 vCPU

8 GB

4 points

4 vCPU

16 GB

8 points

8 vCPU

32 GB

16 points

16 vCPU

64 GB

32 points

16 vCPU

128 GB

64 points

16 vCPU

256 GB

128 points



Warranties and Remedies

Please refer to https://rootsafe.us/rootsafe-remote-access-policy/ and https://rootsafe.us/rootsafe-terms-of-use/ for further details.

Client Duties

It is the duty of the client to maintain their computer(s) and network environment. Client is also responsible for any hardware and licencing for their network and/or devices. Any Internet service, network connectivity, and electrical power for the devices need to be provided by client. Client needs to comply with any request from RootSafe staff for assistance in resolving any issues related to services rendered by RootSafe within a reasonable amount of time. It is the duty of the client to work with RootSafe staff to restore data and system functionality within a reasonable amount of time. Client may be held responsible for charges associated with any compute points not covered by their backup plan or compute points used that are determined by RootSafe to be a result of the non-compliance of the client. The client may be responsible for additional clauses listed in the RootSafe Continuity Plan, RootSafe Terms of Use, RootSafe Privacy Policy, and the RootSafe Remote Access Policy.


Please refer to section five (5): – https://rootsafe.us/rootsafe-terms-of-use/

Excluded Items:

  • Project Work: This includes installation and configuration of new equipment, major systems/hardware upgrades, virtualization, major network reconfiguration, etc. may be billed hourly.
  • Moves: Moves to new locations may be billed hourly.
  • Major Software Upgrades: OS upgrades, new management systems, database implementations, etc. may be billed hourly.
  • Legacy Hardware: Limited age for hardware and software support. No servers older than eight years and/or running an OS more than two generations old and/or is out of mainstream support by manufacturer.

Last Updated: 12/31/2019