Disaster Recovery

Recovery When it Matters Most

Disaster can strike anywhere — Protect yourself with RootSafe disaster recovery. Instantly spin up IT systems in the managed cloud recovery site and recover them to any similar or dissimilar hardware.

Disaster recovery for virtual and physical workloads
Support all popular workloads including Windows and
Linux physical servers and VMs, major hypervisors, and
Microsoft business applications.

Backup-based replication of machines
Benefit from the perfect combination of short recovery
times and much lower costs when compared with
sophisticated replication technologies.

RootSafe Universal Restore
Restore Windows systems to the same, similar,
or dissimilar hardware during a failback procedure,
including bare-metal, physical, virtual, or cloud.

RootSafe cloud recovery site
Get back to business in mere minutes in the event of a
site outage by switching your production workloads to
machines in the RootSafe cloud data center.

Easy extension of local networks to the cloud
recovery site

Extend your network to the recovery site to provide
transparent remote access to recovery servers in failover
mode. Our VPN virtual appliance makes it simple.

RootSafe Active Protection
Prevent system unavailability caused by 99.99 percent
of ransomware with a unique, proactive, AI-based
technology at work. Any files impacted before an attack
was deflected are automatically restored.