RootSafe Continuity Plan

Thank you for working hard to discover your Family History! Thank you for ensuring your Family History is preserved and available to future generations. The purpose of the RootSafe continuity plan is to allow you to choose who will be the “data heir” or “beneficiary” of data protected by RootSafe. 

Data Heir Explanation: A data heir is the person (or people) to whom a digital estate has been bequeathed or to whom rights have been assigned, either legally or informally. A data heir may be provided with clear instruction, may be faced with an unsorted data flood with limited instructions, or may be left no instructions depending upon the condition of the files backed up by RootSafe.

All files and systems stored, accessible, or backed up by RootSafe Inc, hereby referred to as “Company”, are defined as “backup files”

The “Client” is defined as the person who executed the agreement with Company.

Beneficiaries and alternate beneficiaries are hereby referred to as “Beneficiaries”.

This contract establishes an intent that the client has for their backup files to be accessible by beneficiaries and the intent of RootSafe to provide the backup files to any beneficiaries as requested by the client. 

The Company may prohibit access to the backup files by anyone except the person who executed the agreement and persons listed as beneficiaries or alternate beneficiaries, at their sole discretion.

It is the responsibility of the client to provide a list of beneficiaries to Company. RootSafe may contact client to request the list of beneficiaries.

Please specify if you would like each beneficiary to have “anytime access”; beneficiaries and alternate beneficiaries that are granted “anytime access” to backup files may be granted access to the backup files at any time or circumstance without needing to provide any proof or reason of any kind to the Company. If the “beneficiaries” are not granted “anytime access” by the client then the beneficiary may only have access to client backup files upon proof of client passing. 

Please include the full name and two methods of contact for each beneficiary and alternate beneficiary.  Contact method examples: phone number, email address, mailing address.

List of beneficiaries –  the people who will get access to your “backup files”.

List of alternate beneficiaries – the people who will get access to your “backup files” if your first-choice beneficiary is unable or unwilling to receive access to “backup files”. 

It is the responsibility of the beneficiaries to provide any and all necessary proof of passing that is required before the release of the client backup files. Sufficient proof is determined at the sole discretion of the Company.

Upon receiving sufficient proof, Company may contact each beneficiary or alternate beneficiary provided to the Company by Client in order to provide access to backup files. It is the client’s responsibility to make sure any contact information provided is kept up to date. The Company will make a reasonable effort to contact beneficiaries to provide access to backup files.

If the Company has reason to believe that any clause or section of the contract needs to be executed or acted upon then it may do so at its sole discretion. The action may include, but is not limited to, contacting the client, beneficiaries, personal representatives, and allowing access to backup files. 

This contract does not constitute a will. 

The Executor, or personal representative, of any valid will of the client may also be granted access, at the sole discretion of the Company, to the “backup files” unless said access is specifically denied by the client.

Severability: If a court invalidates any provision of this contract, that shall not affect other provisions that can be given effect without the invalid provision. 

This contract is subject to change by RootSafe without notice.

Last updated:1/3/2020