Installing RootSafe Support

A key component of your protection with RootSafe Cloud is active monitoring of any backup issues. In order to monitor and resolve these issues, as well as to install the RootSafe Cloud product, the RootSafe support software needs to be installed.

Once you have signed up you will receive an email with a link to your personal installation file. This software should only be installed on devices that you want to add to your account as it is tied to your backup subscription.

You may get the following message when you download:

Example of Chrome download error message
How to select keep download when prompted

You may run the installer by double clicking on the executable or by right clicking on the file and selecting “Run as administrator”

When you run the downloaded installer you may get a prompt asking if you’d like to proceed: Click Yes.

Program name: CentraStage Agent
Verified publisher: Autotask International Holdings Limited
File origin: Downloaded from the Internet


After you start the installer it will run in the background and you will receive no further prompts. 

By subscribing, downloading, and/or installing this software you are agreeing to the RootSafe Remote Access Policy, 
RootSafe Privacy Policy and the RootSafe Terms of Use.
RootSafe Remote Access Policy
RootSafe Privacy Policy
RootSafe Terms of Use