Our Process – Getting started with RootSafe​

Once you have contacted us we will quickly connect with you to gather all required information for your backup request. This begins with checking your email. Our support team will send you an installation link that enables us to set up and manage RootSafe Cloud backup. During the initial back up, our project manager will monitor the progress of your back up. We ask that you keep your computer on and online during the initial back up.

The first time the computer backs up it will back up all of your data. Expect this process to be a little lengthy, depending on the type of files you have stored on your computer. For example, pictures take longer to back up than word documents because they are larger files. 

Subsequent backups will take a shorter amount of time because the technology will only be saving the changes to your data from the original files that are already in the cloud. 

Every day your computer is online, Rootsafe will automatically back up your computer. Our “Backup Monitor” icon will let you know the backup status and when the next backup begins. The next step is to continue your family research knowing that all your data is safe! Happy hunting! 

Backup Monitor status example. Status: OK.

Our process is simple, convenient, cost effective, and allows everyone to focus on what they need to.